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Start a brand new career that is meaningful and lucrative. Our mission at Asheville School of Hypnosis is to teach you hypnosis, as well as too certify you as hypnotist! Todays world is all about career training and we can't think of a better career path than hypnosis. Our mission at Asheville School of Hypnosis is to provide the best education in the field of hypnosis as well as insiders business secrets so you can launch a successful private practice from start to finish. Participants can begin applying their new skills after completion of our 100hr National Guild of Hypnotist's certified training course. 



100 hr NGH Training & Certificaiton

This is the course that teaches you how to be a hypnotist from the ground floor up. You receive  80 hrs of  in person online training and complete  20 hours of self study in order to receive  your Certified Clinical Hypnotist certification thru the National Guild of Hypnotists.

You also receive a 1 year membership in the guild and can begin helping clients right away. This is the core curriculum that instructors Kristin Shelly and Jerry Smith underwent. Additionally we will share our knowledge we have gained in our combined 18 years of experience. Plus we teach marketing and best business practices for launching your own private practice. This class is now  being taught conveniently online with face to face instruction.


Learn Advanced Techniques

These courses are an excellent way for participants to learn a new hypnotic skill or to advanced existing skills. "Learn more, practice more" is really the key to becoming an excellent hypnotist. Subjects include past life regression, 1-on-1 hypnosis training and coaching, motivational metaphors and strategies, Eriksonian techniques, script building, EFT, business coaching and more. If you’re interested in learning about more about these course, please reach out to Jerry or Kristin. 

Video Conference
We Are Proudly Affiliated with The National Guild of Hypnotists and Offer Approved Training Courses

 Nationally, Consulting Hypnotists earn on average $150 per client session! 

fact 1.

Scientific research has shown hypnosis to be more effective at helping people quit smoking than medication.

fact 4.

The National Guild of Hypnotist's is the oldest and largest guild,  governing hypnosis standards and ethics. 

fact 2.

Hypnosis sessions are proving to be effective through a live-time online format such as ZOOM, keeping you and your clients COVID safe. 

fact 5.

The field of hypnosis is currently experiencing a resurgence of popularity both in the medical fields and as a healing modality. 

fact 3.

 Hypnotists can help people with over 50 different topics. Thats a lot of helping!

fact 6.

Kristin Shelly,


Kristin Shelly is a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She attended Boise State University for her undergraduate degree and runs a successful hypnosis practice. for 10 years, Transformational Hypnosis in downtown Asheville and is the owner/operator of Asheville School of Hypnosis. She loves teaching and encouraging her students to become business owners as well as hypnotherapist. She believes in the power of the mind and our innate healing potential. 

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Jerry Smith, CI,CH,MSW

Jerry Andrews Smith is a Certified Hypnotist and received his hypnosis training from the National Guide of Hypnotists. He is a graduate of Mount Olive Jr. College, Mount Olive, N.C., Barton College, Wilson, N.C., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Raymond Moody School of Mysticism. After completing his studies at the UNC School of Social Work, Jerry graduated with a Master in Social Work degree. He received a Doctorate of Divinity in Mystical Studies from his studies under Dr. Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D. Ph.D.  Jerry has over 30 years of social work experience in both public and private sectors. He is the instructor of advanced techniques at Asheville School of Hypnosis

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How to Apply (it's easy)

  1. Fill out application and submit (Microsoft .docx version here.)

  2. Schedule a 20 minute Zoom interview with instructor. 

  3. Check your inbox for acceptance letter from Asheville School of Hypnosis

  4. Pay the invoice that is sent to you via email (cash, check or cc).

  5. Once payment is received all training material is sent to you. 

  6. A Zoom Link is sent via Email along with additional e-training material. 

  7. Click Zoom link @ 8:30 on Feb 12st!  

  8. Look for your Certification from NGH in the mailbox!

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We understand that choosing a distinct career path is a very important decision that will impact your life for years to come.

We truly believe that if hypnosis is meant for you, you will be very successful and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.  And most importantly enjoy a rewarding career...where you really help people!


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